Iowa Health Information Network: Forging the Path to Making a Real Difference in Healthcare

Greetings! Welcome to the IHIN blog. In the future, we’ll discuss hot topics in healthcare informatics, data exchange and meaningful measures, including local, national and global initiatives. We plan to use this space to challenge old ideas, introduce new ones and stimulate great conversation!

IHIN is much more than the Health Information Network in our great state of Iowa. In addition to our new platform, new technology and innovative applications that will help improve user efficiency, IHIN is also about relationships. We are a team of people—real folks, right here in Iowa—who are passionate about our work and truly dedicated to always doing the “right thing.” We promise to be honest with you and transparent with our message and plans. We are here to make your life easier!

Right now, we are focused on getting our message out: We are a new, improved HIE and we have actionable plans to make a real difference in how our users provide healthcare! We are on a mission to learn about your needs and talk about how we can support you through the IHIN.

Just this past week, our staff has been in the field, meeting with physicians and hospital staff to discuss the new IHIN services that are coming soon.

  • We were at the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Annual Meeting, where our CEO, Dale Emerson, spoke on a great panel about healthcare transformation in Iowa with Iowa Department of Public Health Director Gerd Clabaugh and Iowa Medicaid’s Account Manager Bob Schlueter. Dale discussed how IHIN is actively involved with making healthcare more seamless for Iowans.
  • Our very own COO, Chad Peterson, and Senior Project Manager Becky Simer were at the State Innovational Model (SIM) Learning Community meeting to talk about how the new Statewide Alert Network (SWAN) will improve healthcare outcomes by improving care coordination.
  • IHIN’s Dale Emerson was also at the SIM Learning Community that same afternoon to speak about Data Governance. He discussed how sharing healthcare data through an efficient and effective platform that allows for exchange of high-quality, patient-centered information can—and will—improve healthcare outcomes and make our healthcare world easier to navigate.

Today’s blog is just an introduction to IHIN, but we hope we have shared some of the enthusiasm and excitement we feel when we talk about our work, how important it is to us and why we know that IHIN will be a driving force to help make all Iowans healthier. We look forward to meeting you, talking with you, and sharing more ideas. If you have questions about the IHIN, don’t hesitate to contact us—we are very excited to connect with you!