Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) – Update

Hielix and the Koble Group (HKG) have partnered together and are excited to announce the revitalization of the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) program for the State of Iowa. We are assuming control after the transfer of assets from the Iowa Department of Public Health at the end of March 2017. We are excited to begin this new journey with the citizens of Iowa and all of the healthcare providers.

We will support improvement in the Healthcare Delivery System in Iowa by striving to meet Triple Aim Goals. This goes along with our operating principles to align with National Standards and continue with our strong commitment to HIPAA and protecting patient privacy, and security. We pledge to offer exceptional Customer/Client Services and operate an accountable and transparent organization.

We have been interviewing Members of the eHealth Advisory Council, Executive Board and meeting with existing Participants for their input and feedback. Some of those results and general commonalities we have heard - everyone is very excited about re-energizing IHIN. Our vision has been met with a broad support. There have been several interviewees willing to continue their membership on the e-Health Advisory Council and/or Board. We’ve gotten excellent support from Medicaid and Public Health with a willingness to support our plans for enhancing services to all providers in Iowa.

With all of that said the New IHIN Vision is:
"Provide All Entities in the Iowa Healthcare Ecosystem with connectivity to the Iowa Health Information Network to Enable the Secure Exchange of Patient and Other Healthcare Related Information"

We are extremely excited about this venture and look forward to talking with each and every one of you. So, let’s get connected!

Contact us anytime at 515-381-0357 ext. 2002