“On the Road Again” with the IHIN Team

In late February, a small but mighty team of IHIN staffers embarked on a whirlwind tour across the state, visiting ten Iowa locations in just five days. The action-packed sessions (also known as “The IHIN Road Show”) were designed to introduce the new IHIN – now on a new technology platform (Orion), delivering a new model of health information exchange, and in the process of building a new and exciting menu of related value-added applications from which participants can choose! 

Because the IHIN is now under the stewardship of a private not-for-profit agency, several of our leaders initiated the informational tour with several points in mind:  they wanted to share important information about the IHIN’s recent and ongoing transformation and speak personally to participants about how they can begin enjoying the new technological efficiencies. They also appreciated the opportunity to put familiar names with faces and become acquainted with many new ones across the State. 

Chad Peterson, Patti Dodgen, and Casey Silverthorn made the journey happen, with cheers and support from IHIN’s home team in West Des Moines. More importantly, we want to thank all the folks that braved the ice and snow to join us for learning and dialogue. There were thoughtful discussions about Iowa’s current healthcare ecosystem and how different aspects of IHIN’s new technology can fill gaps and dissolve barriers in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) in our state. You can find the IHIN Road Show presentation on our website.

The deck is very informative and covers a lot of territory: where IHIN’s been and where we are going; the wide range of functionality available; how the health information exchange platform works (in layman’s terms); and how it will improve healthcare in Iowa for both providers and patients. However, no written presentation can replace the benefits of attending a live session, with interactive dialogue, great questions, and the exciting exchange of ideas. With that in mind, IHIN will continue presenting live informational sessions in coming weeks and months, across the state. We’ll be discussing how interoperability makes healthcare more efficient; how connectivity will work in specific communities; and how the resulting enhanced care coordination will produce improved patient outcomes.  

Please come with questions, as there is so much more to discuss:  how IHIN will help with clinical quality measures and reporting; predictive analytics; as well as meaningful use, value-based purchasing, alternative payment models, and more.

If you are interested in hosting an IHIN informational session in your region, to help your community partners understand the IHIN and the significance of healthcare technology, please give us a call or email us at:

Ideally, you (yes, you!) should have received an invitation to these “Road Show” informational sessions via email in February. If you did not receive an invitation, and this is the first you’ve heard of the IHIN “Road Show”, then we would appreciate the opportunity to include you on our mailing list. Please use the email address or phone number above to send us your contact information, or you can reach us through the IHIN website.

The IHIN team is very excited about the many benefits we will soon be able to provide. Most importantly we need your organization's assistance to move existing users and services to our new platform. Your voice is invaluable. We want to hear from you about the needs or successes in your healthcare community, to drive the shape and vision for Iowa HIT in the future.