Current Services/Descriptions

Iowa Health Information Network

“Gives care for your patients even when you aren’t there” IHIN allows you to share patient health records securely and professionally with other IHIN Network Providers, giving them fast access to vital health information when it’s needed the most.

Electronic Master Patient Index / Record Locator Service

The enterprise master patient index (EMPI) is a database used to maintain consistent and accurate information about each patient registered in IHIN. The EMPI is simply a list of all the patients that IHIN knows about and serves as a record locator service. As of May 2020, the total number of Iowa patients in the EMPI was 2,068,630.

Participation/Business Associate Agreement

Virtual Private Network

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network constructed to connect participants to the IHIN. These new VPN connections will supplement (and at times replace) older LightEdge connections. The new VPN’s facilitate electronic health reporting, as well as many other IHIN services through a single, simplified and cost-effective model for participants.

Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT)

Patient Administration (ADT) messages are used to exchange the patient state within a healthcare facility, which includes patient demographic and visit information synchronized across healthcare systems. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and eight of their affiliates went live with ADT services in September. MercyOne also committed to go live with ADTs in 2019, which is critical as MercyOne has never submitted data to IHIN. Mercy One will report for 21 owned and 23 affiliated hospitals.  As of the end of December 2019, IHIN has 6 organizations, representing 75 sites, having sent 28,297,917 ADTs to the IHIN.

Observation Result

An Observation Result (ORU) is usually in response to an order and provides clinical observations. Examples include clinical laboratory results, imaging studies, EKG pulmonary function studies and interpretation.

PatientPing Comprehensive Care Coordination Platform / Alerts and Notifications

IHIN partners with PatientPing, the nation’s most comprehensive care coordination platform to improve care for patients. PatientPing provides real-time notifications and critical patient context to treating providers within IHIN's network to improve care for high-risk, high-utilizing patients, as well as those participating under value-based care initiatives in order to improve care and reduce costs. 

Communicate Portal

The Communicate Portal provides DSM for IHIN participants who do not have access to this functionality through their EMR, or for those who do not have an EMR.  As of year-end 2019, this includes 68 sites statewide. 

Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) - Web-Based and XDE

IHIN will provide Authorized Users with an ONC-compliant (Direct Trust-certified) Direct Secure Messaging service, if desired. Each Authorized User will be provided with a unique address assigned in the IHIN Direct domain. IHIN will maintain a Provider Directory Address Book of Direct Addresses for IHIN DSM Participants

 Public Health Reporting / Specialized Registries

Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) and IHIN worked closely with key stakeholders to identify data exchanges and registries within IDPH, as well as initial candidates for specialized registries for public health reporting. This forms the building blocks to bridge critical gaps in interoperability and enhanced care coordination. The IHIN Health Information Exchange is preferred and strongly recommended by the IDPH as the transport and connectivity method for reporting to public health systems, such as Electronic Laboratory Report, Cancer Registry, Iowa Newborn Screening Information System, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma Registry and the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).  

Clinical Portal / Query-Based Exchange

IHIN will provide Authorized Users access to the Clinical Portal. This Clinical Portal can be used to view the longitudinal patient record, set alerts and notifications, and to access other IHIN Services.

Electronic Lab Reporting

Participants can send electronic laboratory reports identifying required reportable diseases and conditions to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).